About My Work

In 2010 I moved to Miami and began working on digital collections for the Wolfsonian – Florida International University. The fruits of that labor can be found at http://digital.wolfsonian.org. Recently, I relocated to Western Massachusetts – I’m continuing to work in the field of open-source digital repositories for research collections.

I’ve worked around books and computers most of my life and have worked on digital projects in academic library, archive, and museum settings since 2002. Check out some silly and serious examples at the Wolfsonian Labs.

I’ve worked for a museum interactive design firm and spent seven years working on digital goodies with the wonderful folks at Yale University’s Manuscripts and Archives.

I’m a long-time member of the Code4Lib community. I’m always ready to talk about technology, art, and education. Please get in touch with me via my contact page.

Other Things About Me

I’m an avid amateur photographer and hacker. A huge bookworm and fan of comics I’m also enjoying making animations. I love to learn and teach about technology. I currently live in Northampton, MA with my partner, April, two kids, and a cat.